Upcoming Conferences

The following national and international conferences are on topics related to the group's research, and may be of interest to group members:

  • Britgrav 2011, 4-7th April 2011(Glasgow) - The 2011 Britgrav meeting will take place as parallel sessions at the IOP's Nuclear and Particle Physics Divisional Conference.
  • NAM 2011, 17th-21st April 2011 (Llandudno) - The Royal Astronomical Society's annual meeting.
  • Cosmological Frontiers in Fundamental Physics, 14-17th June 2011 (APC, Paris): The purpose of this informal workshop is to discuss and exchange ideas on recent developments at the interface of modern cosmology and fundamental physics.
  • PPC 2011, 14-19th June 2011 (CERN): VIth International Workshop on the Interconnection between Particle Physics and Cosmology (PPC2011)
  • PASCOS 2011, 3rd-8th July 2011 (Cambridge, UK) - The 17th International Symposium on Particles Strings and Cosmology.
  • COSMO 2011, 22nd-26h August 2011 (Porto, Portugal) - The 2011 version of the annual International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology
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Past conferences

  • UKCosmo, 24th February 2010 (Lancaster) - Latest one day meeting aimed at providing a forum for students/postdocs to give short talks on their research.
  • IOP2010 HEP and APP, 29-31 March 2010 (London) - The annual conference of the HEP and APP (Astro Particle Physics) groups of the Institute of Physics is taking place in UCL this year.
  • BritGrav 10, 6th-7th April 2010 (Dublin) - The BritGrav conference series is dedicated to bringing together the gravitational research community of the UK, Ireland and beyond, and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.
  • NAM 2010, 12th-16th April 2010 (Glasgow) - The Royal Astronomical Society's annual meeting.
  • Gravity and Cosmology 2010, May-Jun 2010 (Kyoto University, Japan) - An eight week extended workshop and symposium. Of particular interest (for some group members) are the first two weeks on inflation and perturbation theory.
  • The Cosmic Enigma: Scientific Symposium 2010, 22nd-23rd June 2010 (UCL)
  • GR19, 5th-9th July 2010 (Mexico City, Mexico) - The latest in the series of triennial international conferences held under the auspices of the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation.
  • PASCOS 2010, 19th-23rd July 2010 (Valencia, Spain) - The 16th International Symposium on Particles Strings and Cosmology.
  • Spanish Relativity Meeting - ERE2010, 6-10th September (Granada, Spain) - 2010 edition of the Spanish Relativity Meeting/Encuentros Relativistas Espaņoles (ERE): an international conference devoted to Relativity and Gravitation which is organized every year by one of the Spanish groups working in this area.
  • UK Cosmo, 6-7th September (Durham) - Two day UK Cosmo meeting.
  • New Directions in Modern Cosmology, 27th September - 1st October (Leiden, The Netherlands) - This workshop concentrates on the discussion of recent cosmological observations which present challenges to the standard LCDM model.
  • Cosmo/CosPA 2010, 27th September-1st October (Tokyo, Japan) - The 2010 version of the annual International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology and International Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics held together in Tokyo.
  • Strings, Cosmology and Gravity Student Conference, 3rd-5th November (Paris, France) - The conference is designed to bring together young PhD and postdoctoral scientists working in theoretical high energy physics, especially in the areas of String Theory, Cosmology and Gravity. Our primary aim is to give attendants the opportunity to present their research via contributed talks and to form collaborations.
  • Primordial Features and Non-Gaussianities, 14-18th December (Allahabad, India) - The meeting will focus on understanding the generation and detection of primordial (both inflationary as well as non/post-inflationary) features and non-Gaussianities. While the first four days (December 14-17, 2010) of the meeting will be dedicated to these topics, the fifth day (i.e. December 18, 2010) will focus on issues in string cosmology.
  • AAS Winter Meeting (217th), 9-13th January 2011 (Seattle, USA) * CTP International Conference on Gravity and Cosmology, 6-10th February 2011 (Luxor, Egypt) - The Center for Theoretical Physics (CTP) at the British University in Egypt is organizing its first international conference on " Gravity and Cosmology" In Luxor, Egypt from 6th to 10th February 2011. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together scientists from different backgrounds in gravity, cosmology and astrophysics to discuss recent exciting developments in these fields.
  • Testing general relativity with cosmology, 28th February & 1st March (Kavli Royal Society Centre, Bucks) - "The aim of this Royal Society Discussion Meeting is to bring together theorists and experimentalists to work together on the application of upcoming surveys to understanding gravity on astrophysical scales."
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