Here is a place to list ideas for inclusion on the group wiki site. Please add a signature e.g. "-- IanHuston - 2009-05-20" after your suggestions. If you want to discuss a particular item add your comment underneath it, indented. Items can be marked as done by adding a DONE symbol with %Y% and maybe leaving a note about how and when it was completed.

To Do

  • SPIRES listing of recent group papers. Needs HeadlinesPlugin to be fixed
  • Links to pdfs of past seminars
    • Needs seminar speakers to agree to distribution. Might be tricky... -- IanHuston - 2010-09-17
  • Present calculations that "fill in the gaps" of you recent papers
  • Discuss new or interesting topics, with links to relevant reviews
  • Outreach:
    • Short videos of group members discussing their research for a general audience
    • Outreach pack; links to good resources (IOP, STFC, etc..) -- AdamChristopherson - 2009-05-21
    • upload pdf versions of public talks given by group members
  • Promotional campaign to encourage usage of the wiki in the group.


  • This discussion page DONE
  • News list as per sysman wiki page DONE (New Cosrelqm wordpress blog started and feed put on WebHome) -- IanHuston - 2010-09-17
  • Seminar list (titles & abstracts)
    • Have created page to import blogpost entries; needs tweaking to display in chronological order -- AdamChristopherson - 2009-09-03
    • Perhaps superseded by maths website listing and Google calendar -- IanHuston - 2010-09-17
  • Add extension numbers to group members page? DONE
  • Add recent posters of postgrad research DONE (Page created and couple of posters added) -- AdamChristopherson - 2009-05-21
  • Discuss your recent ideas - DONE implemented
  • Resources or short tutorials on use of relevant software (e.g. Matlab, etc..) DONE (Page created 21/5 SoftwareResources)
  • Links to upcoming conferences DONE Implemented: Upcoming Conferences
  • Tips for new students DONE Implemented: NewPhDStudentsInformation
  • Map and directions to building DONE Implemented: BuildingLocation

Meta discussion

Page reworked into Todo and implemented sections to make clearer. -- IanHuston - 2010-09-17
Topic revision: r18 - 2010-09-17 - IanHuston
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